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  • One-day conference “It’s time to market”
  • 21 October 2019
  • School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana

By invitation of the Ministry of Economic affairs of Slovenia, the Slovene Dutch Business Platform and its partners, SPIRIT and School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana are organizing a comprehensive one-day conference about the commercialising of innovation. Together with our Dutch partners and Growfield we want to present the Dutch approach of innovation, starting from real market opportunities and addressing the key business challenges prior to defining final technical solution. The conference is a commencement of a permanent platform between the two countries, enabling the Slovene inventors to access Dutch companies that are looking for solutions and vice versa which is intended to be extended to other countries in the near future.

During the conference, several interesting best practice cases will be shown.  The Digital Experience Platform (DXP) of MiTeam is providing 24/7/365 interactivity, connecting other locations in the Netherlands and elsewhere by video-conference, webcast and video streaming. In addition to several speeches by industry leaders and other prominent speakers, the conference is based around three extensive round table discussions, namely:

  1. Innovation Commercialization

This theme is focused on giving clarity on the principles of innovation commercialization with startups and small enterprises, as well as innovating with larger corporations. The central point of focus relates to tackling the problems in the Slovenian climate for entrepreneurship & innovation. Event speakers will sketch the climate and share their thoughts on how to embed more meaningful entrepreneurship. Addressing the research question: “What is the crux to a valuable innovation practice?”

  1. Future of the Living Environment 

This theme is focused on showing the potential to our future homes, workplaces and how our environmental footprint is essential part in this future. Further developing the circular economy asks us to efficiently use our natural resources, and become thought leaders on the life cycles of our resources. Eventually, this influences our own vitality: next generations’ health and well-being is influenced by the harmony between people’s working and living environment. This discussion addresses the research question: “What are the new parameters to our vitality?

  1. Future of Smart Connections 

This theme focuses on the way society connects with each other and has the goal to increase the well-being of our cities, citizens and nature. Since the costs to travel are getting lower and capital tourism is rapidly increasing, the question how countries organize and manage connections is becoming more relevant. We are in need of those who can formulate a perspective on how to use data beneficially for communities, how to transport ourselves efficiently, and how IoT plays a role in how we communicate and do business with each other. The research question therefore is therefore: “What are the design principles of smart connections?”

Please note that we will inform you as soon as possible with additional information about the conference. We are truly looking forward to seeing you at this exceptional conference! 


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