SDBP – Association

The SDBP is organized as an association under Dutch laws (vereniging). This enables us to benefit from the flexible Dutch regulations for legal entities. This provides for example the possibility for non-Dutch residents to be a member of the board and introduce electronic voting / video-(general) meetings. Membership is open for everybody that is sharing the values and mission of the SDBP. The SDBP provides membership for individual persons and corporate organizations.


The main revenue stream should come through the membership fee (individuals: € 30,- and corporate organizations: € 250). Other relevant revenue streams are sponsorships. A Participation fee for bigger, more important events (for non-members) also also charged. The SDBP is eligible for state subsidies, therefore we strive to welcome (a minimum of) 30 corporate members.

SDBP –  Executive Team 2019



Marc W. van Rijnsoever

Marc has a legal background and works as an attorney-at-law in the Netherlands (KienhuisHoving law firm). He spent also various years working in Slovenia with Ernst & Young heading up the indirect tax department and the legal department. Marc is also fluent in Slovenian (besides Dutch, English and German). His mission as President is to maintain an active business network in both countries based on friendship and entrepreneurship.



Marko Sladojević

Marko Sladojević is currently Head of the Human Rights, Data Protection and Intellectual Property department at Drolec Sladojević Law Firm in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Following his studies in Belgrade (Serbia) and Leiden (The Netherlands), he was involved at both trial and appellate levels in several war crimes cases before the UN International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in The Hague. Marko also advises public and private organisations on various project development and project management solutions, as well as assists legal entities applying for domestic, EU and other international funds. Marko speaks English, Dutch, Spanish, Slovenian and Serbo-Croat languages.

Treasurer         : Alfred Lock

Alfred Lock is active in a wide variety of finance related business  (mainly tax advisory and bookkeeping).  For international firms needing local assistance he tries to guide clients to the relations and / or specialists needed. Through his history of 22 years of experience in the areas of insurance, pension, mortgage, loans as an intermediate there are a lot of  questions he can answer or make them answered by someone else.  Alfred speaks English and German on a convenient level and French on some lower level. He serves clients with a background from over 50 different countries.

Boardmember  : Mireille van Bremen

Boardmember  : Uroš Zajec


Tim Zupančič


Tina Drolec Sladojević

Tina Drolec Sladojević is the founder of Drolec Sladojević Law Firm in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where she works primarily in the area of corporate and civil law. Following her masters studies at the University of Amsterdam, she worked at T.M.C. Asser Institute and the UN International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in The Hague. Following her return to Slovenia, she worked at the Court of Appeals of Ljubljana and at the Law Firm Ulčar & partners. She earned her PhD degree in International Law from the Law Faculty of the University of Ljubljana. Tina speaks English, Spanish, Slovenian and Serbo-Croat languages.


Tičo Zupančič




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