We strive to be an active international business platform contributing to the progress of a balanced global society by sharing competencies and business opportunities through international networking and constructive dialogue. We encourage sharing knowledge, develop skills and competences, and discuss experiences and business opportunities. We highly value the new circular economy and support ideas of young professionals entering the (international) business environment.


The SDBP of today has become much more than “just another” international business platform. It is an active organization that offers a network of a set of members, from various countries, backgrounds and industries, but mainly focused on Dutch-Slovenian cooperation. We are a “club” of people that are truly interested in entrepreneurship, applying a cross-border mind-set and maintain personal relationships.  The Slovene Dutch Business Platform is a volunteer, independent, non-political and non-profit association. Furthermore, it is a bilateral organization being present in both countries and which thus expresses the cross-border spirit of thinking.


We organize different formats of events – lectures, presentations and workshops given by

well-known businessmen, politicians, industry experts, professors, sportsmen and other

prominent individuals. The aim of these events is to share knowledge and expertise, foster the skills, enable exchange of experiences and best practices, in order to support members and participate to the development of individuals, their businesses and/or organizations. These meetings are almost always accompanied by a session of networking. In this less formal part, members can share their ideas, contacts and discuss business opportunities.

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