The Slovene Dutch Business Platform is a volunteer, independent, non political and non-profit business association focused on Dutch-Slovenian bilateral cooperation.

Our organisation offers a vivid network of mainly Slovenian and Dutch members from various backgrounds and industries. International spirit is what we embrace with our pro-active approach. We co-create opportunities to foster open dialogue and business networking. Our aim is to contribute to the progress of a balanced global society, primarily based on exchange of knowledge,competences, best practices and projects that can be realised in the partnership between Slovenia and the Netherlands.We are proud to work under the patronage of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Ljubljana, Slovenia.

SDBP Mission:

Facilitating a Slovenian – Dutch Business Platform (SDBP) to encourage, promote and exchange business links, experiences, opportunities as well as culture of Slovenia and the Netherlands.

Our base through which we operate rests on the following core values:

Cultural openness
We believe in cultural openness and equal opportunities for every individual and social group regardless of race, religion, sex, political or ideological convictions or beliefs. We stand for intercultural communication and understanding.

Entrepreneurial sense
We support courageous individuals with initiative, creativity and innovation who respect knowledge as well as common sense. Our entrepreneurial sense is based on a solid Dutch tradition.

We encourage international collaboration and co-creation by sharing knowledge, skills, talents, experiences and business opportunities.

We require our members to be responsible people with integrity, autonomous thinking, and loyalty to their obligations.


SDBP was founded by Mr. Jeroen Schippers and Mr. Samo Prodan on 31st of July 2003. The mission of the SDBP at that time was to create a business linked networking social platform to develop and expand international business relations for Dutch ‘orientated’ and international interested business people living in Slovenia. The second aim was to encourage the formation of economic and international business network supported by social gatherings and business events. The members would connect and create their business and/or private network with local people or -international- business people having international interests during the events organised by the SDBP. The idea was that it would help to develop business by networking with typical Dutch events co-organized with the Dutch embassy.


Vereniging Slovenian Dutch Business Platform – SDBP (Association under Dutch laws)

  • Address: Jacob Marisstraat 7, 3331 VE Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands
  • Registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number: 53017412
  • E-mail: info@sdbp.eu