March 29 2017, NLB CIP

Twelfth Annual General Assembly

We would like to thank all of those participating at our Twelfth Annual General Assembly. Following the stepping down of our former president Jernej Šmalc and following the procedures of the General Assembly, we would like to welcome our newly elected president Christiaan Kits Nieuwenkamp! Being a long-time SDBP alumnus with deep international experience, Christiaan will continue to lead the new SDBP to a great success. Please view Christiaan’s personal message for our members at the president’s page at this link.

In addition to Christiaan Kits Nieuwenkamp and the existing Executive Committee members, Ladeja Godina Košir, Uroš Zajec and Tim F. Zupančič we are excited to announce that we expanded our team with two hugely enthusiastic Dutch ladies.  Simone B. Michielen has a long history at SDBP who defines the very term Slovene-Dutch. Her being a lot in the Netherlands will allow us to deepen our connection with the Netherlands. Lastly, she will also help us strengthen our bilateral focus as she was and still is involved in many cross projects between the Netherlands and Slovenia. Mireille van Bremen is our our second addition to our team, she is a coach, social artist and graphic recorded living in Slovenia. Among other things, she will help us giving a professional shape to the results of our exclusive events.

With our team now being complete, we will make sure to create and deliver the best selected content that is most relevant to you, our members!

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