Setting: SDBP Café 22 May 2014

Text and photos Mark Koghee

Sales tip: watch Star Wars

,,Give the salesman back the respect the job deserves.’’ Metka Feher Pal’s closing statement at the Slovenian Dutch Business Platform (SDBP) May meeting came from the heart. Feher Pal, a sales closing specialist, gave the SDBP members a quick course on sales.
Feher Pal was invited by the SDBP to give her insights on sales closing at the meeting which was held at a new location; restaurant Glažuta in Ljubljana. Twenty SDBP members heard Feher Pal explain what the most important pitfalls are when trying to close a sale.
Salespersons can be too slow, not prepared enough, too hesitant or not communicative enough. When trying to close a sale it’s important to eliminate the 5 to 7 fears the client has and to prevent that the conversation starts with a discussion about the price. And that were just a few of the tips Feher Pal had for the business club.
Selling is a profession and according to Feher Pal one of the main problems with failed sales is that often the salesperson doesn’t have enough skills. ,,A buyer wants something but it takes a strong salesperson to make the client buy.’’
Feher Pal had surprising advise for people who want to improve their sale skills. ,,I would suggest to watch Star Wars movies. There you will hear the best sales dialogues.’’ The Slovenian sales closing specialist quoted the character of Jedi knight Obi Wan Kenobi who told Luke Skywalker: ,,Strong minded people have power over people with a weak will.’’
The quick course in sales boiled down to one message; sales is a profession and that profession is not taken lightly.

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