Setting SDBP cafe on May 29, 2015

Do the right things at the right time

,,Life has changed from being a marathon to a series of sprints.’’ This observation comes from Meta Kozjek who presented her time management framework for higher productivity Thursday 28 May at the May meeting of the Slovenian Dutch Business Platform (SDBP) in Ljubljana.

Kozjek, who is member of the SDBP executive committee, gave the SDBP ‘the première’ of her Four Dimensions of Productivity’ which is a modernized version of old fashion time management. It’s an extensive framework for which one SDBP-meeting wouldn’t be enough to present all the ins and outs of it. So Kozjek presented the SDBP the highlights.

In this time of rapid changes new methods are needed to keep our work-life balance healthy. Kozjek quoted futurist and speaker Thomas Frey who has predicted that in the next 20 years humanity will change more than in all of the 200.000 years of human history. Work will also change drastically Kozjek: ,,Our grandparents used to have one job in their whole life, our parents maybe two and we on average have five jobs in our life. But our children will change maybe five times of profession alone.’’

There are four steps in the framework; define, arrange, record and experience. Furthermore distinguishes Kozjek six principles of peak performance: planning, priorities, primetime, people, places and positivity. Basically it’s all about doing the things that matter on the right time. That seems quite obvious but in reality it is not that easy to achieve. Kozjek’s ‘Four dimensions of productivity’, which is the result of her own experiences and study, will help with it.

Text and photos Mark Koghee

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