Setting: Maribor on October 8 2015

SDBP goes underground in Maribor

The Slovenian Dutch Business Platform (SDBP) changed location for its October meeting and visited the huge wine cellar of Vinag in Maribor on Thursday 8 October. A small group of SDBP members, among whom was Dutch ambassador Bart Twaalfhoven, descended the 23 steps (symbolic for the 23 stages of winemaking) into the cellar.

Vinag was once the biggest Slovenian winebrand. At its peak Vinag produced 15 million litres of wine per year but in 2013 the company went bankrupt. Dutch and Asian investors are currently leasing the brand and its hardware (the cellar, vineyards etc). Since the beginning of this year Vinag wine is again being produced and sold. The investors are in the process of buying Vinag.

SDBP-member Alexander Vink, who is exportmanager at Vinag, guided the group and let the members taste of 9 Vinag wines. Vinag has a long history, dating back to 1847. The winecellar is the biggest in the east of Europe and measures two kilometres. Almost the whole city centre of Maribor lies above the cellar.
In the cellar the SDBP members could see the biggest wooden winebarrel of Europe. The barrel from 1862 can hold over 1600 litres of wine. The barrels are now empty, as is most of the cellar which awaits restoration. The restoration should start after the investors have bought the cellar.

After making a round through the impressive underground wineworld it was time to taste some of the wines Vinag is currently producing like the mariborcan, yellow muscat, sauvignon, chardonnay, welschriesling and pinot noir.

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