A short look back on Thursday’s meeting. The first meeting of SDBP with our new partner InCo Movement.  (Text and photos Mark Koghee)

‘Choice in Motion’ – InCo Movement

The Slovenian Dutch Business Platform (SDBP) took a little step outside of the ordinary on its first meeting after summer. Almost twenty SDBP’ers took part in a ‘Choice in Motion’ workshop which consisted of some physical exercises. It was the first meeting organised in cooperation with InCo movement.

Before the meeting SDBP president Ronald Korthouwer (on the photo left) and InCo boardmember Blaž Branc signed a cooperation letter, making SDBP and InCo official partners.

The workshop was something quite different than the usual SDBP meetings where attendees usually sit and listen. ,,Today it’s about moving and there won’t be so much talking’’, said Jasper Dzuki Jelen who led the workshop on Thursday 18 September in Ljubljana.
Dutch/Slovenian dancer, performer and dance-theatre maker Jelen developed Choice in Motion which is a program with moves that should make people understand how they qualify success and how motion can support more effective thinking and problem solving.

Success was the central theme of the meeting. Jelen let the attendees translate several aspects of success in to moves. They had to agree or disagree with statements about success simply by stepping in and out of a circle. They had to translate an unsuccessful situation in a pose and then physically move out of it to a pose of success. And the attendees then had to hinder each other in the movement towards success. ,,Just like in real life when there are obstacles on the path to success’’, said Jelen.

The moves were sometimes eye-opening, sometimes hilarious and always an ‘out-of-the-box’ way of dealing with the subject success. It was for all participants to draw their own conclusions from the meeting because it became clear that every person has its own interpretations of success and the way to achieve it.


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