Setting: SDBP event on April 2, 2015 (Text and photos by Mark Koghee)

Inspirational evening about humane leadership

Patrick Cowden, the initiator of Beyond Leadership, held an inspirational lecture at the international businessclub Slovenian Dutch Business Platform(SDBP) this evening in Ljubljana. Beyond Leadership is another way of leading organizations where the parameter for success is not results but interhuman relations. ,,It is always the people that make the success’’, said Cowden. ,,They are the source of the success.’’

The attendees themselves got a chance to try the theory. In groups of four they got three minutes to tell who they are and why they were here and then the three others got one minute to give positive feedback. To get to know other people in this way, sometimes complete strangers and sometimes acquaintances, was for many eye opening. Some were surprised how open the conversations were, others how quickly mutual things were discovered and connections were made.

According to Cowden it is through making these connections with other people that groups become strong. His Beyond Leadership is all about connecting. ,,This gives an organization strength. Be human in an organization. Then you will get more than if you focus on results.’’

Not only the attendees were happy with the evening, also Cowden was. He immediately decided to become member of the SDBP.

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