An exclusive look into Europe’s energy agency

Acer, the European Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators, aims to create a Europe-wide wholesale market for electricity and gas. The agency does so from its headquarters in Ljubljana. Dennis Hesseling, the head of the gas division of Acer, visited the Slovenian Dutch Business Platform (SDBP) on Tuesday 24 November to tell about the work of the agency.

Hesseling, a Dutchman, has been at the helm of Acer’s gas division since the end of 2012. The agency is seated in Ljubljana since 2011 after the Slovenian capital had been chosen over Slovakia and Hungary.

Although not very know, and even that is an understatement, Acer’s work does have benefits for EU citizens Hesseling showed. For example in the east of Europe prices for gas are higher than in the west. When Acer succeeds in creating an EU wholesale market for gas, prices will get lower throughout the EU and be on the same, lower, level.

Acer plays an important role in initiating and implementing cross border projects. Hesseling showed the example of a new pipeline from Poland to Lithuania which was beneficial to Lithuania. Normally Poland wouldn’t have built the pipeline but now it was an Acer project. In total 530 kilometres of pipe was laid down with a cost of 530 euro. The benefit of the pipeline amounts to 830 million euro, besides Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia benefit from it.
After Hesseling’s presentation there were lively conversations about working at Acer, the Slovenian energy market and many more subjects.


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